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We love reading and feel nothing is better than a book shared together. Reading is so much more than just building language and literacy skills - reading together and aloud helps to build emotional connections and relationships, communication skills, spark imagination and curiosity, and also help babies and toddlers learn all about the world around them.

It's never too early to start reading with your baby or toddler and building important life skills. Here are our 5 top tips to help you make the most of your time reading together.

Our top 5 tips to reading together
1. Choose books that are age & interest appropriate - long wordy books are most likely not going to be enjoyed, while bold & high contrast tactile/soft books will be a sure winner for baby and not be torn to pieces in their exploring.

2. Make books accessible everyday - create a book corner on the floor, shelf or even in an exploring box, pop an open book on a play mat for tummy time, or pack a compact book into the nappy bag, back bag or on the pram.

3. Have a regular routine - find a little quiet time each day at the same time and make it part of your routine. We love a story just before bed or right before an afternoon nap to wind down and have snuggle time together.

4. Get siblings involved - let older siblings show their skills to you and their newest loves. Toddlers love being helpful and giving them opportunities to bond will also give you five minutes off playing referee. Plus if its a book with them in it; you can guarantee they will be obsessed about reading it!

5. Get social with your reading opportunities - join your local library or play group who will likely have a weekly story-time and/or access to a huge range of great books.

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