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Encourage Independence by letting children do things for themselves

Posted by Kelly Huntley on

There are a lot of things that parents can do to help a child develop independence; this will make the transition into childcare, pep and school so much easier for them.

This is the latest Laminated poster from

  • Promote social skills like sharing and taking turns
  • If a child shows willingness to try things please let them try
  • Encourage children to use words when they are angry or upset
  • Help your child take care of themselves – toileting, putting shoes on, taking care of belongings and cleaning up
  • Play with your child outdoors and encourage physical activity
  • Provide opportunity for children to use their hands – drawing, painting, threading, cutting with scissors, and kneading play dough.
  • Enjoy singing nursery rhymes and songs with your child
  • Encourage “pretend play” to build creativity – have a picnic with toys, play dress ups
  • Build vocabulary by asking your child what is they are creating/doing and wait for their response
  • Read to your child every day
  • Always show encouragement with everything your child attempts
  • Provide your child with healthy food choices
  • Ensure your child gets enough rest
Teach your child to be “sun smart” – wear a hat and put on sun cream

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  • Independence is so important and to start at an early age is a great start to their learning.

    Del Reynolds on
  • Love this independence poster. The more we can show our little ones what they can do the better off they are later in their learning.

    Devon ROach on

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