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 Parents/Carers have an important part to play in the delivery of quality  care to young children. Their involvement contributes enormously to the effective way in a Centre/Family Day Care service operates.

It is important to let Parents know they are welcome to come to the service at any time to spent time with their child and assist with activities.

 Our LAMINATED POSTER is brilliant to display in your foyer to encourage the Parent-Centre relationship.

• Talking to staff about your child, their interests and the program.

• Asking questions about the daily activities and room program.

• Suggesting things that you would like staff to consider when planning the program.

• Asking to view your child’s developmental record which is compiled and regularly updated by the staff in your child’s area.

• Maintaining an interest in the running of the Service, reading all notices, attending meetings, responding to surveys etc.

• Contributing to the running of the Centre by sharing special skills in music, languages, drama or other activities.

• Spending time at the Centre, participating in activities with your child and others or just observing the Centre program in action.

• Participating in the Committee meetings. • Standing for election on the Committee.

• Attending formal and informal functions arranged by the centre.

• Contributing to the Policies and Procedures review process.

• Supporting our Centre through fundraising and donations.

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