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The Importance of Play

Posted by Kelly Huntley on

From birth children learn through play. All children including baby’s need to play.

Play can take many different forms and children will benefit from both indoor and outdoor play opportunities. They may choose to play alone or with others, their play can be based on real life experiences or be highly imaganitive, it can involve lots of physical activity or be quiet and concentrated.

Within their play children take on different roles, they can be learner or choose to follow others. Play promotes all areas of development and provides opportunity for children to learn about their world. During the early years play will help children

  • Build their own identity
  • Build important social skills, such as sharing, waiting their turn and making friends
  • Provides opportunity for children to express their feelings
  • Promote thinking and problem solving skills
  • Strengthens language and communication skills

While children need control over their play, they also enjoy interaction with parents and educators.  Playing with children will strengthen bonds and you can help them to learn more, follow a child's lead talk with the child about the game, how they feel and share your knowledge.

Playing with children is a blessing and a privilege.

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