Why your Centre or School needs a Buddy Bench

A Buddy Bench is a secure place where children can go to when they are feeling low or lonely and other children are encouraged to come and make friends and brighten some ones day. 

This timber sign is suitable for outdoor use, but we do recommend you apply a coat of clear varnish to prevent mould from growing on the timber.

Helping to reduce and hopefully stop bullying and feeling of social isolation. The position of the seat should be chosen so if a child can sitting there for any length of time they like and it should be visible by other children and an adult supervisor.  Making it visible to the play area also will encourage a child to join in play.

It is important to discuss with all children the role they can play in being a buddy and leadership. The concept can be introduced to students in younger grades using role play incorporating the actual seat to familiarize them with its purpose a

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