Acrylic Mirror: How Do I Feel Today?


Acrylic Mirror: How Do I Feel Today?

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Dimensions: 210mm (W) x 300mm (H)

This shatterproof mirror assists children to recognise their feelings. Along the side are 4 Zoned areas so children can see what the expressions look like on themselves.

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Zones of Regulation, is a curriculum developed by Leah Kuypers, an OT and autism resource specialist, which helps children to understand and learn to manage their emotions.

Rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy, the Zones of Regulation is a framework that uses four colours – blue, green, yellow, and red – to help children identify their feelings and level of alertness. The curriculum also provides strategies to support emotional regulation. Teaching children how to read their body’s signals, detect triggers, read social context, and consider how their behaviours impact those around them, leads to improved emotional control, sensory regulation, self-awareness, and problem-solving skills.

Outcome 3: Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing.

QA5 Self-regulation: Each child is supported to regulate their own behaviour, respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and communicate effectively to resolve conflicts.