Corflute : Indigenous Game - KOLAP


Corflute : Indigenous Game - KOLAP

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Inspired by the Indigenous game KOLAP

Background: This object-throwing game was observed being played on Mer Island in the Torres Strait region in the nineteenth century. More recent versions have also been observed.

Short description: A game based on throwing accuracy. Teams of one to two players throw objects, attempting to make them land on a target on the ground.

Players • Two players form a team to compete against another team, or the game can be played with one player against another.

Playing area • A designated indoor or outdoor area suitable for the activity

Equipment . 1 of our mats and tossing items of your choice beanbags or balls (tossing items not included in purchase) 

Game play and basic rules •

Two players sit (or stand) behind each mat.

• The players who are partners are diagonally opposite each other.

• Each player has four kolaps, which he or she attempts to throw to land on the mat opposite.

• One player has a turn. The kolaps are collected and then the player on the opposite team at the other mat has a turn. Continue in this manner.

Scoring A combined total of 100 finishes the game for a team. The kolap must land completely on the cut out to count.

Teaching points •

  • Maths – Support beginning maths skills by counting how many bean bags made it into the board. Further challenge students by having them add or subtract the tossed bean bags!
  • Gross Motor – Provides students with active play as they find balance, coordination, and foot placement to aim for and toss the bean bags underhand or overhand into the pockets on the board.
  • Sensory – The bean bags are bright in colour with large, white numerals offering high colour contrast and visual stimulation.

Line up behind the mat. • Teams face each other. • First thrower ready. Go. • Underarm or sidearm throws. Be careful. Aim for the target. Bend the knees a bit. • Good throw. Watch the target. Point your hand and follow through. • Next turn. Keep playing. By engaging in scoring games, children can then involve addition and mathematics usage while playing and enjoying games in an outdoor or indoor environment.

Printed on corflute for indoor or outdoor use  and folds away easily for space-efficient storage. This mat measures 1200mm and folds down to 600 x 600mm for storage.

Alan Coleman our staff member is of Indigenous heritage with roots to 2 Indigenous tribes Kalkadoon from Mt Isa and Waanya from Gulf of Carpentaria and he has created and printed this resource.