Fence/Wall Print - Goanna


Fence/Wall Print - Goanna

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 In a world where image is everything, Early Learning Centre and School will be judged on how it looks. We all know that ‘it’s what’s inside that counts’. But, when someone visits your ELC or school for the first time, they’re bound to form initial opinions based purely on its external appearance.

So, make sure their opinions are positive by giving your service an External Facelift.

About our prints options


Beyond their use as beautiful decoration, our art prints will assist with climbing hazards.  Printed on metal and UV printed they are easy to install using self-tapping screws


Printed on metal using UV ink easy to install using self-tapping screws


The image is printed on one side but can still be seen on the other side and air will flow through. Stitched and eyelets for easy attaching using cable ties. They also assist with adding privacy.


Linen look finish our wallpaper looks amazing on indoor walls 

Please select the sign type and size you would like from the dropdown above and add to cart. Your entire cart will be used to calculate the correct freight rate, so you may add as few or as many of these designs as you need. *****Art work vary slightly due to cropping to make at your required size.

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We ship Australia wide, but please allow 2 weeks for printing and delivery of your brand new artwork.

Should you want to make them a different size or have any questions please contact Mark on 0418 745 044 / mark@pdf.net.au and he will be happy to help assist you with custom pricing.

EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL affordable piece of art by local Gold Coast artist Gabriella Ahlatis

*Please note all Artists are paid an original price and then they are paid commissions monthly on the artwork sold