Fence/Wall Print Possum


Fence/Wall Print Possum

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Inspiration behind the art

Loving this piece a little more, possum - ‘Marriji’ is my totem. I’ve chosen to create an art piece displaying a Mum and her bub who are ready to embark on their own journeys. Common Brushtail Possums are found throughout Australia, from urban living to the forests and woodlands. Possums breed throughout the year and majority have their young between March and November. Their young eventually move on at 7 months old, the circles throughout this piece represent each month of the young possum’s life with mum before moving on. The brown lines on top and bottom representing their journeys.

About our prints options


Beyond their use as beautiful decoration, our art prints will assist with climbing hazards.  Printed on metal and UV printed they are easy to install using self-tapping screws


Printed on metal using UV ink easy to install using self-tapping screws


The image is printed on one side but can still be seen on the other side and air will flow through. Stitched and eyelets for easy attaching using cable ties. They also assist with adding privacy.


Linen look finish our wallpaper looks amazing on indoor walls 

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  About this amazing Artist:

My name is Sharaya Summers, I am proud Mandingalbay Yidinji woman from Far North Queensland. I was born and raised in Brisbane but have since moved back to Cairns with my little family, closer to our ‘country’. #Marriji Designs

Mandingalbay Yidinji country is located from the Trinity Inlet, near Cairns, over the Malbon Thompson Range, across the coastal plain to the south of Yarrabah and into the Coral Sea, including the Franklin Islands. I started selling my art in 2020 under ‘Marriji Designs’, ‘Marriji’ meaning ‘baby possum’. This name was given to me by one of Great Grandfathers when I was a baby. I spread my culture through my art, all self taught and I am continuing to learn along my journey as an artist. I use a few different mediums, painting on canvas (acrylics and mixed media), digital art and my favourite being wood burning (pyrography). My artwork usually consists of my life experiences and our wonderful native flora and fauna, a lot of the time my artwork is influenced by what I see.

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