There is evidence suggesting that mud play is a basic biological need, and this type of play has many physical, psychological and emotional benefits for children.

MUD MAKES YOU HAPPY – New research has shown that exposure to friendly soil bacteria (Mycobacterium Vaccae) stimulates the immune system causing the brain to release serotonin, the endorphin used to regulate mood.

 MUD REDUCES  DEPRESSION – Given the link of the friendly bacteria in mud and its ability to make you happy, scientists say that regular exposure to mud will reduce a child’s vulnerability to depression.

 MUD REDUCES ALLERGIES & ASTHMA SYMPTOMS – There is increasing evidence that today’s society is “too clean, and that this is a contributor to increased levels of childhood illnesses, including immune disorders and allergies.

We have made a series of corflute weatherproof signs titled "OUTSIDE" they show the benefits children receive from playing outside eg: in Mud, Sandpit Climbing frame and general OUTDOOR PLAY

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