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PDF Education Supplies are a family-owned and operated company based right here in Brisbane – offering signage for schools and exclusive early learning resources that are ideal for not just early learning, but all educational sectors. Our products are designed, printed, and supplied to the highest quality from our in-house team, ensuring consistent results and timely finishes. Community is imperative to the team at PDF Education Supplies, which is why we provide educational signage and resources that bring people together.

Our outdoor learning resources are the perfect solutions for teaching young minds about the importance of the great outdoors here in Australia. From weather wheels, indigenous astronomy, flags of Australia and so much more, our education signs are abundant.
Whether it’s for the schoolyard, classrooms, or a public space, our broad range of vinyl safety stickers and general stickers are nothing short of convenient and considerate. For new mums, commercial cleaners, bathrooms, and medical supplies, we’ve got all the education signs here
If you’re looking for great quality posters laminated with a durable film, our selection of laminated NQS posters are the way to go. With 80 micron film utilised, our laminates provide a long lasting finish, even in times where they really get their use.
Elevate the level of teaching and education in your classroom with our early learning resources and classroom signage, making every day brighter and better for young minds. From hygiene to culture, language, and values, we have a variety of signs perfect for the classroom.
Safety is paramount, especially when little children are in our vicinity. This is why we provide an expansive collection of safety childcare signage to make life that little bit easier. From small reminders to important announcements, our safety signs put the imperative parts of life into perspective.
Acrylic mirrors are a safe option for classrooms and early childhood locations, offering a shatterproof solution with rounded edges to become child friendly. These mirrors encourage a sense of curiosity, reinforce motor visual perception, and enhance self-image discovery.
Wooden signs are a wonderful way to engage curious minds. Not only does it bring a natural element to education but they’re beneficial solutions when it comes to signage for schools and other educational facilities.
For STEAM programs, our signage is perfect. They hit the mark for all sectors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Encouraging young minds is so important especially for efficient mental development, and that’s exactly what our signage assists with.

As a small but specialised team, we understand the importance of community and education, which is why we provide our fair share of childcare signage for schools and early childhood. We also provide custom printing solutions if you can’t find what you need or have more of a niche idea.

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Get in touch with the team at PDF Education Supplies on 0455 551 296 or maree@pdf.net.au today to discuss the signage or stickers you need, or the custom job’s you’re interested in having us complete so we can discuss the basics!