It seems like common sense but the number of adults that need to be reminded that car parks are dangerous areas for children seems to grow daily.  So to assist with the Safety of  Quality Area 2 we have this corflute weatherproof sign  We have a large range of safety signs


Mark Bailey MP, Queensland Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports has praised this initiative for protecting children. ‘Young children are generally full of energy and can be impulsive. The message to parents and caregivers is to be aware of the danger presented by traffic and vehicles in carparks, and take the simple step of holding your child’s hand,’ he said.

Fellow project team member and parent, Clare Murray, understands the difficulty of holding children’s hands when your hand are already full, but offered this helpful tip: ‘By asking your child to hold on to something else attached to you, for example, a bag strap or pram, parents can keep hold of their child until they are somewhere safe, which we thought was important to include in the campaign materials, including a short video,’ she said.

The message to parents and carers is clear: Keep all kids safe, hold hands.

For further information on the campaign and to access and download the campaign materials, please visit

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