Action plan for a medical emergencies

To ensure immediate action and appropriate procedures are undertaken in a medical, dental emergency or accident when contacting an ambulance,please have knowledge of the following :

    •  Assess the injury or illness, the severity and degree of urgency, administer first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as appropriate, call for an ambulance dial 000.
    •  Provide the following information: - your name, the name of the centre, address and phone number,
    • Whether an ambulance, police or fire brigade is required,
    • The name of the ill or injured person,
    • Whether they are an infant, child or an adult,
    • The name of the next of kin, parent or guardian,
    • The nature of the illness, injury or emergency,
    •  An assessment of the severity of illness or injury,
    • With the ambulance, you will be asked to state the urgency of the situation, 
    • If the person is unconscious, whether they are breathing or have a pulse, 
    • If the person is bleeding severely, or appears to have a major injury, or has a head injury, or is cyanosed ( a blue colour)
    • When first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) action is being taken.
  • Ensure an appropriate person accompanies the injured child in the ambulance to the hospital until the child’s family arrives. Ensure the centre is adequately staffed and have a plan in place in case a staff member is required to accompany the child to hospital. 
  •  Inform the child’s parent, guardian, emergency contact or the designated responsible person that you have called an ambulance, the nature of the emergency, action taken or first aid provided, and the hospital the child was transferred to.
  •  Follow up any required advice or action, complete an Accident/Injury/Acute Illness Report Form, provide copies of form and other documentation to the parent, if a death of a child occurs, inform the police


  • Blanche

    Vital to have this information at hand in an emergency

  • Rachel

    We have also purchased this for our work place, and found it wonderful.

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