Planting a Bush Tucker garden is a great way to educate children more about Aboriginal Traditions.  PDF Education Supplies have made this weatherproof sign to display in your Bush Tucker garden, we do recommend you apply a coat of clear varnish to prevent mould growing on the timber.

Benefits of Bush Tucker Tea

According to legend, tea originated over 5000 years ago when a couple of tree leaves fell into a cup of boiling water. Today, tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world, second only to water.

"Indigenous Australians have been harvesting, collecting and making excellent use of the land's natural resources for thousands of years," says native bush food expert and author of The Outback Chef, Jude Mayall. "The unique flavours of Australian spices, fruits and herbs make spectacular teas that have endless health benefits."

What can Australian bush tea do for your health and wellbeing?

• Strawberry Gum, Rose & Blackberry – Relaxes your body and soul

• Roasted Wattleseed & Pepperberry – Promotes balance and sustained energy • Spiced Berries & Mandarin Green Tea – Energises and inspires your creative instincts

. Wild Lemon Grass & Ginger – Renews and restores your senses

• Lemon Myrtle & Orange – Boosts your general health and wellbeing

• River Mint & Lavender – Frees your spirit and soothes your mind 



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