Have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket readily accessible near areas where fires are likely to start, such as the kitchen. Ensure extinguisher is tested annually and is in good working order, clear fire exits, (all doors in centre should be easily opened in an emergency), install smoke detectors, test regularly, replace batteries when required.

Develop, keep up to date, prominently display (in each playroom and at each main exit of the centre), fire and emergency evacuation plan which includes: - emergency warning alert regularly practiced and with which all centre staff are familiar - pre-planned evacuation procedure with which all centre staff are familiar - pre-planned designated meeting area which is accessible at all times - safe, quick, and calm evacuation of all children and staff - account for all centre children and staff - comfort any children in distress and treat any injuries - dial 000 for the fire brigade and ambulance - contact all parents - write accident report

Fire safety resources www.pdfeducationsupplies.com.au

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