How long will corflute signs last?

Generally they will last 2-3 year outdoors.

Is corflute waterproof?

Yes corflute is waterproof our images are directly printed to the corflute so this means that they appear perfectly no matter the weather condition.

What is the benefit of UV ink?

UV ink is able to withstand the harsh UV rays, wind and rain.

Is corflute heat resistant?

Most definitely, they will warm up under direct sunlight but not very much, this makes them the smart and safe choice for signs to use around children.

How easy is it to install a corflute sign?

Corflute is lightweight so it is easy to attached to various surfaces using cable ties makes the process very easy.

What is corflute made of?

Corflute is a industry name  given for corrugated polyprpylene, a fluted plastic which is light weight while strong.

Can corflute be recycled?

Printed corflute signs can be recycled through a specialist waste stream ( not household recycling bin)



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