There are many benefit to having a worm farm

  1. It requires very little space
  2. It does not produce bad smells.
  3. It does not produce green house gases
  4. It can be done outdoors and indoors.
  5. It can process organic waste in a short time
  6. It saves you money on fertilizers, soil conditioners and pesticides
  7. It produces Worm Tea (liquid worm castings) which is both a natural pest repellent and organic fertilizer
  8. It produces Worm Castings which are amongst the best organic fertilizers known to man
  9. It produces a surplus of earthworms or compost wormswhich can improve your garden's soil in many ways
  10. It produces a continues supply of big fat fishing worms
  11. It takes less than 10 minutes of maintenance per week
  12. It can be easily turned into a profitable worm composting fund raiser for your early learning service.

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