Fence/Wall Print - Flowers


Fence/Wall Print - Flowers

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Bring your walls to life with a fantastic art print by the very talented Kendall  from S&K Hand Crafts Art a local artists from Brisbane.

About Kendall

"I'm Kendall, I'm the main go-getter for S&K Hand Crafts

I often work in the studio with incense burning, surrounded by plants, my art creative work and sometimes sheep running around outside.

S&K is so special to me as it helps you appreciate and celebrate small daily moments.

Your support means so very to me, thank you for supporting our small business"

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About our prints options


Beyond their use as beautiful decoration, our art prints will assist with climbing hazards.  Printed on metal and UV printed they are easy to install using self-tapping screws


Printed on metal using UV ink easy to install using self-tapping screws


The image is printed on one side but can still be seen on the other side and air will flow through. Stitched and eyelets for easy attaching using cable ties. They also assist with adding privacy.


Linen look finish our wallpaper looks amazing on indoor walls 

*Please note all Artists are paid an original price and then they are paid commissions monthly on the artwork sold