Fence/Wall Print - Living off the River


Fence/Wall Print - Living off the River

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About the Artist

Hey Mob ✋🏽

"My name is Mitch Francis, I am 25 years old and am a proud Gunditjmara/Bundjalung man. Over the last couple years I have been running a little art business called Bunjil Art and have a strong passion for sharing my culture through art. I am currently living in the Illawarra region of NSW on Dharawal land."

Aside from this I am studying primary education, working at a primary school as an SLSO and currently play football for the North Sydney Bears. @Bunjilart

About our prints options


Beyond their use as beautiful decoration, our art prints will assist with climbing hazards.  Printed on metal and UV printed they are easy to install using self-tapping screws


Printed on metal using UV ink easy to install using self-tapping screws


The image is printed on one side but can still be seen on the other side and air will flow through. Stitched and eyelets for easy attaching using cable ties. They also assist with adding privacy.


Linen look finish our wallpaper looks amazing on indoor walls 

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The story behind this STUNNING print

‘Living on the River’ shares a story about an Aboriginal group whose life is sustained by what the river provides. Waterways like this have been providing for Aboriginal people for thousands of years and continue to do so today.

Along the river the men stand with spears watching and waiting for fish. Goanna tracks are seen leaving and returning to their burrows.

The large circles represent common meeting places along the river where groups would gather when travelling along the river. The white lines connecting these circles represent the travelling tracks that were used by people passing through this country.

The Larger circle surrounded by U shapes is the main meeting place that the people will always return to after a day out on the river gathering and hunting for food.  The U shapes surrounding this and by the river represents people.

The dots scattered across the background represent the land, as well as representing some of the rare and beautiful colours that can be found in nature.

*Please note all Artists are paid an original price and then they are paid commissions monthly on the artwork sold