Acrylic Mirror: Emotions


Acrylic Mirror: Emotions

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Dimensions: 210mm (W) x 300mm (H)

Acrylic safety mirrors are a perfect resource for children to explore a range of facial expressions. This lightweight but durable mirror will not shatter and is super hard to break, with rounded corners for safe handling by little hands.

This resource can assist children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) by:

  • helping to recognise facial expressions and the emotions behind them
  • practice using emotional expressions, or copying emotional expressions
  • assisting in understanding and controlling their own emotions

This resource assists with EYLF Learning Outcome 1, 4 and 5; and My Time, Our Place Outcome 3.

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Care Instructions: Please do not use methylated spirits on this product. Water on a cloth or window cleaner is suitable. Please note that this mirror is scratch-resistant and not scratch-proof.