Metal Sign: Life Cycle of a Bee


Metal Sign: Life Cycle of a Bee

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Dimensions: 190mm (H) x 560mm (W) 

Farmers and beekeepers and scientists are worried about bees. Bees are disappearing around the world. They are calling it “colony collapse disorder.” The cause is not obvious or simple. Researchers think several factors may be contributing - Pesticides, Loss of the Bees' habitat, Infections and Global Warming

Help the bees

  • Plant flowers that provide nectar and pollen. The Climate Kids “butterfly garden” can also be a bee garden if you include lots of flowers.

  • Thanks to bees, we have apples, oranges, pumpkins, almonds, and many other foods that develop from a flower. When bees drink the sweet nectar from the flowers, they get covered in sticky pollen.

Printed on long lasting metal ACM making this sign for long term outdoor use. ACM is environmentally responsible printing material that is produced using recycled materials.

This resource aims to assist with Quality Area 3; EYLF Outcome 2; My Time, Our Place Learning Outcome 2; &  STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths

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