Wood Sign: Welcome to our vegetable garden

$20.00 $29.00

Wood Sign: Welcome to our vegetable garden

$20.00 $29.00
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Dimensions: 125mm (H) x 360mm (W)

Children who are involved with school gardens eat more vegetables and fruit, and are willing to taste and cook a greater variety of vegetable and fruit both at home and in the classroom

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  • Printed on 3mm sustainable timber that is 100% produced from renewable plantation.  For outdoor use we do recommend to further prolong the life of this sign you  apply a coat of varnish over it

 This resource assists with Quality Area 3; EYLF Outcome 2; My Time, Our Place Learning Outcome 2; & STEAM

Natural Molasses Spray

Controls: caterpillars, curl grubs and root knot nematodes in pots and vegetable gardens. (This spray also helps to deter any pesky possums):

  • Add one tablespoon of molasses to 1 Litre of water
  • Follow by adding one teaspoon of dish washing liquid or other liquid soap.
  • Spray undiluted
  • Double the molasses to control curl grubs and nematodes in pots and gardens – apply with a watering can.